Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part II


Here’s the frontend of the 2013 SRT Viper (sorry, I didn’t get a whole car shot, but you can find that online).  There are three notable features: the central NACA duct, the hood vents, and small ducts in the lower corners of the main front opening (they’re tough to see because it’s all black, but they are there).


Underneath the frontend, a flat piece runs down the middle to reduce aero drag.  To the sides, you have diffusers which should help improve front downforce.


The NACA duct seals up against the air box which feeds the engine.  The ram air effect from the duct should improve power at higher speeds; pretty much every sportbike has a similar ram air system to produce more power.


A very nice looking brace should add significant stiffness considering how big the span is across the engine bay.


Remember those ducts in the lower corners of the front opening?  I’m pretty sure they feed these ducts which shoot air at the backside of the wheels to cool the brakes (sorry, the duct is out of focus, but at least it’s in the middle!  Mostly…)


The top of the front KW damper is mounted in more of a racecar fashion instead of a more typical top hat that we see on practically every car sold to the general public.  


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