Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part II


Another look at the cage.  The gusseting added to the rear X should really add some strength.  An ATL fuel cell is used to contain the fuel.


An AIM dash provides information to the driver.   It looks like the stock pedals and shift knob are still used.  Again, heavy gusseting and bracing in the A-pillar area to maximize strength in a roll-over situation.


I do love me some race cars!  Honda decided to show their Honda Performance Development LMP1 car.  They decided to bring the car looking just the same as the way it had finished its last race: dirty.  The dirt is a bit telling though; notice how dirty the twin vertical things are in the middle of the car behind the cockpit.  The dirt collecting there implies it’s a high pressure surface which makes it a pretty good spot to place that little air intake (due to a restrictor) right?


A look at the intricate bodywork guiding the air from the front of the car down the sides and into the side pods. 


As with many top level motorsports cars, there are a lot of buttons and knobs for the driver to fiddle with.  And you thought a Playstation or Xbox controller was tricky!  However, there is still an old school piece of paper doing duty as the track map taped to the side.


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