OTA Shoot Out


OTA director Kelly Ball is a Mustang man. He wasn't competing today, so he brought out his show Mustang for the event. And I decided to experiment with a 'new to me' Rokinon 8 mm fisheye lens. Kelly has done a fabulous job in leading OTA.
SPDA held one of their ATTS (Attack Time Trial Series) track days in conjunction with the OTA Shoot Out. This provided me with an opportunity to get a few sessions on the track in my RX-8, but it also gave me an opportunity to photograph a few more cars.
I think that there is a story in this orange Nova SS. It sounded amazing and the way it handled the corners was incredible. This car has certainly received a lot of love and attention! Brad, we need to talk!
My 2004 Mazda RX-8 is not my usual track car, however, as my NX GTi-R is still awaiting major engine work the 8 was pressed into service. This car is smooth and well-balanced on the track. The only challenge is to remember to turn off traction control and then to get inside it with my helmet … and to not slide around too much on the leather seats! Tires have been upgraded to 245 Toyo R1R's but they're now two years old, Carbotech AX6 brake pads, and Motul RB600 brake fluid. It can handle the occassional track day – as long as I remember to stay within its limits. 
Competitors and track day participants mixed it up in the paddock. Driver's meetings were shared. It was another well run event.
When the Nova SS came past the front straight, I had to try out the fisheye lens again!
Perry Rautanen is OTA's chief timer and as such the mobile timing van is his home for the day during competition events. He has it down to an art and enjoys having company – like Gary in the background – join him. I think he endured my photo session rather than enjoyed it.

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