OTA Shoot Out



Alessandro Belardo and his Mazda RX-8 R3 put down some good times and made it all of the way to Round 3 before he was eliminated. The end of the front straight was a great spot to watch the action – especially if you were a volunteer or marshal assigned to that position.
Martin's Z06 is a beautiful car and the sound is simply amazing. Martin put down the fastest physical time of the day, but it wasn't enough to move him beyond Round 3. Remember kids, work hard at math in school because it's huge in racing! FTD yet PAX ruled him out.
Gary Wood took his RX-8 to sixth spot in Round Four of the Shoot Out – but that would be as far as he would go in 2015.
Novice Sean McPhee took his Chevrolet Cobalt SS through to fifth place in the Shoot Out. This was a massive jump from his fourteenth overall at the end of the regular season.
Greg Campbell pushed his Corvette hard throughout the season and finishing fourth overall.  In the Shoot Out he made it to the fourth round, where he finished fourth. Just out of the final round by a fraction of a point.
Here's another shot of Greg's Corvette as it heads up the west side straight, the fastest section of the track.
Of course, everyone wants top spot. But if you didn't get there, at least you got to spend a beautiful day at a race track! Here Martin is heading to the back straight with his Corvette.

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