OTA Shoot Out


Stephen Deneka's STi is always a threat when it appears at the track. Unfortunately, a sequence of errors and mechanical issues knocked him out of the running. This STi will be back; likely better than ever.
In contrast to Stephen's modified STi, Walter Brooks was out in his bright red 'normal' STi.
Here Mohamed was just exploring the limits of the track. Two wheels off at any spot on the track will cause the car to be disqualified from the timed session. In a shoot out where proceeding is based upon time, two wheels off will likey put you out of the running. Fortunately, this was a practice session.
Ric Wallace has been running a yellow BMW 318 in Ontario Time Attack. He saved his Nissan GT-R for the week long Ontario 1500 – where it won the 1/2 mile speed run with a top speed of 263 KPH or 163.4 MPH.
Two wheels off isn't always visible with a cloud of dust. This was practice again (which is why there's a passenger in the car) as Martin pushes his beautiful 2015 Corvette around the course.
Daniel Sprongl is pushing his Four Star Motorsports Kia Optima as he tries to improve his time.
Luck wasn't with Brad Dawson as his day at the Shoot Out ended early. He finished 15th at the end of the regular season – a good showing! From what I understand, he was tweaking the suspension of the car throughout the season and was just getting it into prime form for the Shoot Out. Two wheels off took him out of the game.

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