OTA Shoot Out


While I was cheering for all three of these guys, as they're all my friends, I have to admit that I was cheering a bit louder for #777 Mohamed Hussain. I guess, however, that I wasn't cheering loudly enough as he finished the Shoot Out in third place.
In second place was Kyle Beaty, pushing his #29 Touring 2 car further than many expected a Touring car could go! Kyle won the first four rounds, but just missed out in Round Five.
The #276 M3 has never looked so good! After the race, Carsten made a comment to Kyle (that was passed on to me) that he knew he had secured third place. As a result, he didn't hold anything back and he went for it! And he got it! Congratulations on a successful season and an amazing Shoot Out!
Mohamed Hussain, Carsten Gieschen, and Kyle Beaty – three great Time Attack drivers. Well done at the 2015 Ontario Time Attack Championship Shoot Out.
Here's some incar footage that Carsten took during one of the semi-final runs. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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