People’s Choice Car Show and Garage Parade


The second generation Camaro was produced from 1970-1981. This was the Type LT, which stood for “Luxury Touring” and was produced from 1973-1978.

This Camaro had a 350 cubic inch V8 with a few current goodies on it.

Hey, there’s an import with an aftermarket turbo system! Actually he was selling his 15x 30 garage for $65k if anyone is interested. It includes Epoxy floors, HVAC, loft, and an upgraded power package. Yes, I never said these garages were cheap.

Here’s a shot of some new-school muscle. Up front we’ve got a sweet Corvette Z06 followed by a ZL1 Camaro, both rated at 650hp. I’m not sure which one I would take.

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