People’s Choice Car Show and Garage Parade


Yes, that is a real machine gun chambered in .308 (it’s missing the firing pin so it won’t shoot). When in Kansas…

A cute little Lamborghini Aventador decided to crash the party. This one was sporting the LP 700-4 badge, however, which means it’s rated at 690 bhp and rips the quarter in 10.6 seconds at 135 MPH thanks to its 2.9-second 0-60! That’s crazy fast for a non-boosted factory car.

The Carriage Houses of Johnson County has ten major buildings like the one you see here, along with several smaller storage units. It’s really a nice place to walk around.

The owners are really into their motor hobbies, and most of them have their own signage out front. Everyone seems to be very friendly and open to anyone checking out their treasures. I would love to have my workshop here. Let’s check some of these out.

How’s this garage for starters?

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