People’s Choice Car Show and Garage Parade


This sucker is a whole different animal. The Pontiac Firebird is known as the Fire Chicken around these parts. I saw it driving on the road leaving a Fourth of July fireworks show just last month and all I can say is, “Man, this sucker is nasty loud on city streets!”

I don’t know what it’s currently running (looks like a pair of either 6466 or 6766 Precision Turbos most likely), but with its previous single turbo configuration I caught videos of it running an 8.5 quarter at 165 mph!

This 1957 Chevy is gorgeous. I was never into old muscle cars before moving out to Kansas but after spending more than a decade here they really start to grow on you. No, I’m not getting rid of Project Supra or Project M3, but I’d still like to have a muscle car, too.

If anything, I’d like to have one for the nostalgia and also the simplicity of these engine bays!

No one is going to kick out a Porsche 997.2 GT3 car out of this show. It’s probably the subtlest looking performer here. While I've never driven a GT3 before, I was fortunate enough to drive a 997.1 GT3 RS on a Chicago highway and that 3.8-liter flat-six is very impressive!

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