People’s Choice Car Show and Garage Parade


Here’s something you don’t see everyday, and mainly because only 500 were made. The Shelby GLHS is based off of a Dodge Omni and were sold as official Shelby cars. The GLH was the 3-door hatchback sold in 1985, while the GLHS like this one was sold in 1986. The GLH stood for “Goes like hell” while the GLHS stood for “Goes like hell s’more”. A turbocharged inline-four good for 175 bhp and a 0-60 of 6.5 seconds powered it, which was stout for the mid 80s. And this puppy was immaculate.

Who can’t love a black Camaro SS with racing stripes. To me, this is the best looking muscle car.

This looked like a stretched out Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 upon first glance, at least walking up to it from the rear. It’s actually a Lotus Elan + 2, and it was produced from 1965-1972.

Inside, the Lotus Elan + 2 was in near-pristine condition.

The thing I love about car shows in Kansas is the mix of cars. I mean we’ve got a Ferrari 458 sandwiched by an Austin Healey and a bunch of other hot rods and muscle cars. These cars and the eras they’re from just couldn’t be more different.

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