People’s Choice Car Show and Garage Parade


Imagine chilling out in the upper deck, having your drink of choice with your buddies and watching a game, race, or movie, and glancing down every once in a while to your possessions downstairs. At the same time, your car-junky neighbors are walking around, and they swing by to say hi and see what you’re up to. It sounds like the perfect Sunday. It’s like being in the world’s coolest dorms, only you have no homework and you’re around people you actually like. And you have money.

Yeah, I like this guy’s garage but I’ve also got a soft spot for them Viper GTS’s. Chrysler had me at 8.4 liters. Say what you will about them, but if I can slap on a blower or a pair of turbos on one of them and run it at around 7-8 PSI, I’m done building cars. Done. Mission accomplished.

Here’s another angle of the facility. There were several neat trucks and gobs of hot rods. As you can also tell, this wasn’t one of those shows where everyone wore their black hoodies. It was very laid back, very family-oriented.

Here’s a beautiful Camaro. I can’t tell if that’s an LS3 or LS7 in there but I’m sure it purrs like a kitty on the Kansas highways.

How about an 8-second street car on the next page…

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