Pinnacle of Charm – James Deane’s Worthouse Drift / Falken Tire Nissan S15


The engine isn’t without its bling though. A clear GReddy cover gives a glimpse at Tomei adjustable cam pulleys. The cams themselves are set with spread lobe centers to run well with a turbocharger and its increased backpressure.


For further good measure, a carbon fiber timing cover sits at the front. Weight is the enemy, right?


The 2JZ is kept in line via a dry sump oil system. At the front sits a Setrab oil cooler, feeding back to the Armstrong Race Engineering (ARE) dry sump system's pump and custom oil pan.


As the air passes out of the intercooler, it is met with the Hypertune intake manifold 102mm throttle body, directing precisely at high flow to the cylinders for maximum combustion. Fuel is added to the mix with Injector Dynamics 1700cc dynamically characterized injectors. Another case of well-engineered to handle a punch, the manifold is rated up to 2,000 hp, so rest assured it can easily handle the 900 Deane throws its way.


Last but certainly not least, generous quantities of Nitrous Express injection is added to the mix – a 150 shot to be exact (tuned based on rpm, gearing, and other factors). Deane used Torques UK fittings throughout the build, providing reliable delivery for the nitrous, along with the key engine fluids. Later for the interior, we’ll review Deane’s NX bottle placement.


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