Pinnacle of Charm – James Deane’s Worthouse Drift / Falken Tire Nissan S15


Wisefab is primarily known for what they can do in the front, but their development also includes the rear footwork as well. Deane’s S15 has additional adjustment arms, balancing out the camber when the car carries intense G-load through a sweeping turn or a flick of a transition.

The Wisefab uprights also lower the car while maintaining proper rear geometry and wheel travel.


The result speaks for itself as Deane demonstrates the amount of opposite lock on offer, ensuring smooth angle is maintained to please the judges and fans alike.


Both from a safety standpoint and a fuel delivery improvement, the S15 was refitted with a Radium Engineering FCST fuel cell. The hose lines are no simple routing, They are the feed and return lines for the engines injectors and nitrous system. The Radium fuel cell features a unique internal surge tank that acts as an independent small volume reservoir for the high-pressure fuel pump kept full to the brim by a secondary lift pump. This prevents fuel starvation by ensuring that no air pockets find their way to the rails in high-speed G cornering as fuel moves around in the main tank.

The Radium FCST fuel cell also has a reinforced rupture resistant internal bladder and a foam filler inside the tough aluminum enclosure that reduces the chances of a huge fuel spillage in case the back of the car is crushed in a severe accident. 


Radium sources their fuel cell units from Fuel Safe, a well-known and trusted company for their ability to avoid puncture (and resulting inferno) during an accident. 


Fuel is kept at a minimum, only the amount required for a few passes to be completed. During those pit stops, the crew carefully tops Deane up with another dose of Ignite Red Ethanol fuel .


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