Pinnacle of Charm – James Deane’s Worthouse Drift / Falken Tire Nissan S15


In the end, all of that power does more than just break traction on the rubber and light up a smoke cloud. It also propels the S15 forward furiously, outrunning the competition and making tandem chases a lot tougher.


For shoes, the car sports a set of 7Twenty Style 46 wheels in hyper black finish. They sit at 18×9.5 front and 18×10.5 in the rear, requiring the extra wide fenders to fit against the S15’s profile. Behind the front, we see Deane’s choice of Wilwood brakes, a large six-piston caliper against light two-piece drilled discs.


Deane’s partnership with Falken extends beyond Europe as he continues to tear up their rubber stateside. AZENIS model RT615K+ are sized at a somewhat thin 235/40R18 front, but a fulsome 295/40R18 in the rear.

4 piston Wilwood calipers with lightweight two-piece rotors are used for rear brakes with one set controlled by the brake pedal with the second set controlled as a turning brake by a hand lever for the driver. 

A set of tires only last about two runs in Formula Drift, meaning that tire changes are frequent. Deane’s Worthouse Drift crew are a well-organized bunch, monitoring the pressures and temperatures carefully ahead of each fitment.


A perfect pairing. New rubber on, the first step to getting ready for another set of laps around Formula D’s short colosseums.


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