Pinnacle of Charm – James Deane’s Worthouse Drift / Falken Tire Nissan S15


The exhaust system is a custom straight pipe routed out the center. It sits alongside a Winters Performance quick change rear end, housing the easily variable final drive gearing and a locked spool type differential. Winters is often a choice for high horsepower applications, able to carry the output reliably and consistently run after run. The diff also connects with heavy duty Driveshaft Shop axles with 930 style CV joints and 300M shafts.


The radiator is a custom rear-mounted setup, making use of a C&R Racing core together with a set of SPAL fans (a favorite pairing for C&R).


Mounted against the rear frame structure is the radiator’s coolant overflow tank. It has a handy pressure valve, giving the mechanics information about how coolant is flowing at a glance between runs. Beside it is the dry sump oil system’s breather and overflow tank. Together, they keep temps and lubrication in check for the critical engine parts under stress.


This is one of the dirtiest jobs on the car. The radiator puts up with plenty of tire debris as it breathes deep for fresh, cool air. Mike Rowe would be proud.


Throughout the course of nearly an entire year, Deane has been without a single big mechanical failure, so he certainly can’t complain. The team makes sure that he can focus on driving his hardest out on track each critical event.


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