Pinnacle of Charm – James Deane’s Worthouse Drift / Falken Tire Nissan S15


New wheels and tires go on at the same time as many other key activities. The entire rear of the car is jacked up to allow two mechanics working on either side to fit the two rears. Meanwhile, Deane consults with his spotter and crew chief, discussing how to improve lines and vehicle speed out on track.


Precise data tuning is paramount to any racing car in the 21st century. Each run’s activity is quickly logged and examined by the team to check reliability, boost pressure, nitrous injection rates, and a host of other factors. Should Deane want a few tweaks, they are just a keystroke away.


Out on track, the rear brakes are perhaps more important than the front. Deane elected to use a split caliper setup, popular among the most successful drivers. Each are four-piston Wilwood units, once again attached to a drilled rotor to avoid overheating and keep weight to a minimum. His 295mm rear tires also ensure that maximum smoke is produced, helping to blind competitors chasing behind.


The suspension is led by Feal coilovers- 442 2-way adjustable in the front and 443 3-way adjustable in the rear. They are fitted with Swift springs, and feature remote reservoirs to keep fluid temperatures in check. Feal suspension is run on numerous Formula Drift machines, and are especially adept at handling a diverse load set unlike a normal circuit shock. Their three-way adjustability allows the team to further refine firmness, rebound, compression to suit each of the series’ challenges.

Perhaps the biggest innovation to hit S-chassis Nissans in the drifting scene was not LS-swaps, but actually steering angle. Wisefab has been a huge pioneer in this arena, and Deane’s S15 using a new set of their arms and plates to overextend the turn of the wheel.

Something you might not notice is that the steering rack has been located in a more forward position to prevent overcentering without using tie rod spacers, this is a nice touch that reduces the load on the rack and bumpsteer.


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