Polishing Project STurdteen with Gramlight 57Xtreme, DIY 5-Lug Conversion, and More


We slid on the new (used) 5-lug rotors. I took this opportunity to adjust the e-brake as well. An absolute necessity for us drifters.

When my S13 was simply a missile car, I didn't care too much about converting to 5-lug. To be honest, I thought it was going to be much pricier than it ended up being, so it was not “worth” it to me. I am not kidding when I say the ONLY reason I ended up switching over to 5-lug was so I could rock some Gramlights! Afterall, if you read the last update on Project Sturdteen then you know that I'm putting a great deal of emphasis of making the car LOOK good again. The restoration process has been time consuming, but very rewarding. 

So why did I decide to go with the Gramlight 57Xtreme wheels? Simple, they are light and durable which makes them a perfect for a drift application while looking good. We decided to go with na 18×9.5 +22 square setup.


The 57Xtreme is a popular model from RAYS Gramlights brand. It features a split 6 spoke design with a face design to accommodate large calipers.
Looking closely, the finish on the wheel is awesome. Each wheel includes an aluminum valve stem and has optional center caps. Standard colors are Sunlight Silver and Matte Graphite (displayed here). Additional colors have been produced in limited runs. 
A wide range of sizes are available from 16-19 inches in diameter, 6.5-10.5 inches in width and three face designs. 57Xtreme is produced by RAYS in Japan and features 1-pc cast construction which exceeds the standard JWL standards. Although the 57Xtreme is a cast wheel, the rim section is roll formed after casting which cold works the metal, refining the grain structure and strengthening it much like forging does.  This allows for a lightweight and strong rim section much like the more expensive fully forged Volk wheels at a lower price.

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