Polishing Project STurdteen with Gramlight 57Xtreme, DIY 5-Lug Conversion, and More


Then we put on the new (also used) OEM 5-lug rotors!
After, we put the caliper back on and voila! The front was easy. Now taking a look at the rear.
After removing the caliper and rotor, we removed the bolts on the backside of the hub. In order to get good access to the hub, you may want to remove the strut bolt and rear suspension depending on what tools you have available.
For this part, we used a hub puller tool. Some of you may not have one of these laying around at home, so I've heard of others using a sledge hammer to remove the hub from the spindle. This will ruin it, but if you are just desperate the get it off, that's an option. 
After some brute force, the hub came right off!
Just taking a moment to look at everything in all its glory.

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