Polishing Project STurdteen with Gramlight 57Xtreme, DIY 5-Lug Conversion, and More


An excerpt from the RAYS homepage in regards to JWL: “In the belief that the JWL standards adhered to in Japan are the minimum strength standards that all wheel manufacturers must meet, Rays conducts its own practical strength tests that better reflect actual driving conditions. The company requires all of its wheels to meet its own in-house standards (JWL+R) and all of its cast wheels to meet even more rigorous in-house standards (JWL+R SPEC1). Safety is the absolute minimum requirement that Rays must meet no matter how much it may strive to achieve high performance. The fundamental mission of Rays is to ensure the safety of all drivers that use its wheels.”
The 57Xtreme is produced to the JWL+R SPEC 1 in-house RAYS standards. The design and construction has yielded a strong, light weight, durable and rigid wheel perfect for everything from daily driving to professional motorsports. Last season Ken Gushi and Charles Ng both used the 57Xtreme in the Formula Drift Pro Championship. Mark Jager of Jager Racing set the Street and AWD Street Time Attack record at Buttonwillow raceway on a set of 57Xtremes.
The all new Muteki SR45R lug nut set  has an open end design that allows you to use extended studs. The knurled ends will also allow you to grip the lugs nuts much easier.
The lug nuts are constructed from cold forged steel, 45mm in total length, open ended, and feature a floating seat design. This swivel seat allows for higher retention of lug torque and reduces the chances of marring the finish of the wheel.
The Titanium Blue Steel looks awesome! They also offer them in Black and Burned Titanium. 

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