PRI 2016: Part 1


If you don’t have the time to walk down every aisle (because there were 1200 vendors there this year!), but you want to make sure you don’t miss anyone important, PRI has a phone app that will not only tell you where each booth is but also allow you to highlight it if it’s a must-visit location. You can also mark a booth as “visited” and leave yourself notes on the specific location as well. For me, it was brilliant because I had to do the entire show in ONE day! It would have been impossible without this.
Let’s start with Samco, which makes a plethora of silicone hoses for a variety of makes and models. This year they’ve got several new color schemes to compliment any aesthetic goals you might be after. The hose up top is a coolant kit with top hose bypass for a Chevy Camaro 6.2-liter (2010-2011). The one on the bottom is a pair of coolant hoses for Dodge Charger Hellcat.
If none of the above suits your fancy, perhaps one of these might.
Aeromotive is local to me here in Kansas, and I’ve got a lot of their stuff in our Project Supra. Here they’re showcasing their latest fuel pressure regulators, which feature a unique patented design to offer the same performance in a compact, lightweight body. It’s available in three inlet sizes: -6, -8, and -10.
Swain Technologies is still going strong with its White Lightning thermal barrier coating, which is that white haze you see on the surface of the valve, piston, and cylinder chambers. It’s the same stuff we used on the exhaust manifold and header of the Project Supra and Project E46 M3, respectively, to keep the heat inside the pipes for better scavenging and heat protection. Those little orange dots are eerily familiar, like from a scene in the movie, Terminator (the scene with Franco Columbu).

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