PRI 2016: Part 1


Here’s a close up of this Garrett-equipped Pro Mod’s very serious fuel and ignition system.

When it comes to forged aluminum wheels, Jongbloed Racing Wheels is a name to be reckoned with. “Stronger, lighter, cooler, faster” is its philosophy.  The company strives to improve brake cooling in their aluminum and magnesium wheels, while reducing unsprung weight.

This is Jongbloed’s lovely 557 Aero, which is designed for formula cars but also found on Stohr and West Race cars. It comes in 15-19 inch diameters and in widths ranging from 5- to a whopping 17-in!

Jongbloed Racing Wheels also sells cast and flow formed wheels, like the PTS pictured here. It’s available in a 15-in diameter and widths ranging from 7-10 inches.

According to Fuel Safe, for the last 40 years, the fill plate has been located in the center of fuel cells. So they asked the question, “why not put it in the back to pick up the fuel under acceleration?” And so here you see the result.

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