PRI 2016: Part 1


Another issue Fuel Safe wanted to address was accessibility to the fuel pump. Instead of having to take large pieces off of the tank to access the pump, Fuel Safe made the fuel pump readily accessible with a purpose-built hanger. Here we see one made specifically for the A1000 built by Aeromotive, which is one of the companies that Fuel Safe has been working very closely with.

Radium Engineering has also been working closely with Fuel Safe, as evidenced by Radium’s fuel cell surge tank.  Pretty products from Radium, aren’t they? All Radium cells will have this rear-mounted setup.

Here’s a Fuel Safe/Aeromotive setup with twin Aeromotive A1000 pumps for an 800hp Baja truck. So now instead of taking over 10-20 minutes to swap fuel pumps, it now takes 3-5 minutes.

Fuel Safe also works closely with Holley. This cutaway shows an internal pump setup with a Holley HydraMat system. I really need to get a HydraMat system for Project Supra. It seemed to be a unanimous decision to name the HydraMat the coolest product of last year’s PRI show.

When it comes to custom builds, finding some Vibrant parts in the engine bay is a good bet. Here we’re looking at one of its oil cooler setups, complete with Vibrant’s own oil cooler core, fittings, lines, and oil vapor catching catch can.

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