PRI 2016: Part 1


Garrett’s got some new tricks up its sleeve this year, with its GTX Gen II products, including with reverse configuration for easier installation in certain applications. At the rear left is the GTX2867R, and to its right are the GTX3076R, and to the right of that the same turbo in reverse rotation. The GTX3582R sit in front of those three turbos, the one on the right also is reverse rotation. To the bottom right are the GTX3071R and the GTX3576R, the latter in reverse rotation.

Here’s a close up of the popular GTX3582R. Garrett’s new Gen 2 wheel features improved aerodynamics that gives an increased horsepower range. There is also a new, fully machined speed sensor port. As shown above, reverse rotation options are now available as well.

Here’s a shot at the turbine side of the GTX3582R. Thanks to the aerodynamics, this turbo is designed for power levels between 450-850, and on anything between a 2.0-liter to 4.5-liter engine.

If you’re looking a bump in power over what the GTX3582R offers, then maybe this GTX3584RS is for you. This high horsepower turbine wheel gives the flow needed to make the power levels where a tight, compact design is needed in a small area. Rated for 550-1000hp on anything between a 2.0-liter to 5.5-liter engine, I think it will cover a lot of tuner cars!

And if that range of power isn’t impressive enough, check out the GTX5533R, which is rated for 1000-2500hp on anything between a 3.0-liter to a 12-liter engine! The new Gen 2 products feature a billet back plate and a ported shroud design for greater surge resistance.

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