PRI 2016: Part 1


Here’s a close-up of the F1-X, which is designed for cars already making between 375-550hp normally aspirated. It spins to 72,000 RPM and can provide up to 38 PSI boost for a max 1400hp. Like the turbos of new, the supercharger industry has really taken off with technology, and now they’re spinning faster and creating more power than ever.

Here’s one of the Street Outlaw cars in the ProCharger booth already, this one driven by Shane McAlary (and his dummy friend, Bob, as his co-driver). With several cars making over 2000 horsepower, these street racers mean business. Stay tuned as we’ll have a couple of “Street Outlaw Edition” articles coming within the next few weeks!

If there’s a household name for springs, it’s the German-engineered Eibach brand. Featured in its booth was its XT Barrel line of coil-over springs (left), which claim super light weight, as well the Eibach Metric coil-over springs, which offer the smallest tolerances and lightest weight in the industry, according to Eibach. Both lines are made in the USA.

Eibach’s newest line is the Pro-Truck (left) line, as well as the Pro-UTV line on the right. Te former features a monotube design, 46-mm pistons, nitro-coated rods and heavy duty powder coating. The latter was developed for hard pack terrain, and for vehicles going through jumps and need additional clearance.

And if there’s a household name for high performance pistons, one could argue that name would have the letters J and E in it. JE Pistons was there to show off its continuously growing line of FSR asymmetrical pistons. New to this lineup are pistons for the BMW S50B30 and S50B32 engines found in the Euro-spec E36 M3, as well as the Cadillac and Camaro 2.0-liter turbo. We run a set of these FSR pistons in our 800+whp Project Supra.

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