Project 350Z: Building a New Engine – Part 1


The PPE headers have thick CNC cut flanges for leak free service.  They are constructed with TIG welded 304 stainless steel.
The PPE Engineering headers have a merged collector which usually extends the powerband with no penalties anywhere in the rev range.  The headers have two bungs for O2 sensors, the engine feedback sensor is in the collector but the rear O2 sensor is in this extension to reduce the chances that a check engine light will come on.  Pretty cool!
Since our car is going to see a lot of anticipated drift and stunt driving practice work which will involve clutch kicking, we decided to install a slightly more aggressive clutch.  We opted for a SPEC Stage 2 Plus clutch.  The SPEC Clutch starts off with a Super Clamp Pressure plate.
The Super Clamp pressure plate has a 50-60 percent increase of clamping pressure over stock with only a slightly higher pedal effort.
The Super Clamp pressure plate has a conventional strap drive, but the straps are thicker than stock for more torque capacity.  The diaphragm spring is heat treated with a relocated fulcrum for an increase in clamp load.
The SPEC Clutch disc has a sprung hub to cushion the drive train when the clutch is kicked.  The hub itself is very strong with fully contained springs, beefy stops and heat treated plates.  This hub is much stronger than typical.  The pressure plate side of the disc has carbon metallic pucks for the friction material.  This gives a high torque capacity and heat resistance.

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