Project 350Z: Building a New Engine – Part 1


The other side of the Stage 2 Plus disc has a full faced Kevlar friction surface for smooth engagement, less drivetrain shock and low abrasion against the flywheel.  The dual friction clutch disc give the clutch pretty smooth operation and a lot of torque capacity with the ability to absorb abuse. Just the thing you need with a moderately powered drift car, good holding ability and less shock on the rest of the drivetrain.
The SPEC Clutch kit comes with an alignment tool, a new pilot bearing and a new throwout bearing as well.
We changed our flywheel out for a SPEC lightweight billet aluminum flywheel.  The flywheel is machined from strong 7075 aluminum.  The light flywheel speeds shifts, is easier on the syncros and gives faster acceleration.
The SPEC flywheel has a removable and replaceable iron friction surface.  This is a cool feature and gives the flywheel a really long service life.
The steel starter ring gear is also replaceable.
The backside of the flywheel has the trigger ring for the crank angle sensor.  If this isn’t made right you will be plagued by check engine lights.

We have collected a decent group of parts to make a pretty solid mildly built VQ35DE and address some of the engine’s inherent weak points.  Stay tuned, in our next segment we will be assembling and getting it tuned.

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