Project 5.0 Mustang II- Improving the Suspension with Whiteline and KW


We will first show you the Whiteline adjustable panhard rod (part number KPR068).  The Whiteline panhard rod simply replaces the stock part and has hard urethane bushings.  It is adjustable so you can perfectly center your axle in the car, especially handy if your car is lowered.

The Whiteline trailing arms replace the stock parts.  You can see the axle brackets here and how they relocate the trailing arm mount lower.

A closer view here show just how much the stock bracket is moved, a lot over two inches.  This turns pro squat to a slight degree of anti squat.

To install the rocker of the Watts linkage you have to replace the stamped steel rear differential cover with a stiff cast aluminum Whiteline part that has the rocker pivot boss cast in place.

The new rocker cover simply bolts in place.  You can see that is is a substantial piece.  It has to be, the rocker takes all of the cars lateral load generated by the rear tires.  The cover has two positions for locating the roll center.  The high position will lower the roll center about an inch from the stock location which is about even with the axle centerline.  The lower position drops the roll center another inch.  We prefer the lower position as it allows for less geometric weight transfer to the outside rear wheel which can potential allow for more traction on corner exit.

Here is the rocker assembly bolted up to the diff cover.  We are now ready to add the lateral links.

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