Project 5.0 Mustang II- Improving the Suspension with Whiteline and KW


The stock Ford part top and the Whiteline part on the bottom.  The third link is a very short suspension member so small changes in the link’s angle make pretty big changes in the amount of antisquat.

The Antisquat adjustment is done here by turning this eccentric in the front bushing of the third link.  We ran the pivot as high as possible or as close to the car’s body as it would go to get the minimum amount of antisquat.  The tuning you can do here might be pretty useful in drag racing where sometimes you want to run a large amount of antiquat, especially with soft sidewall slicks.

Here is the Whiteline third link in place.

With all the links in place, the Whiteline rear suspension is one of the most involved aftermarket suspension kits we have yet to experience!  We adjusted the rear bar to the second from softest setting.

The front suspension mods are limited to just changing the front swaybar.  We removed the front swaybar pretty easily. The Whiteline  front bar is only a little thicker but it is solid instead of hollow like the stock bar and 4 way adjustable.

The Whiteline end links are stiffer and stronger and adjustable from end to end, important to eliminate preload when the car is cornerweighted.


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