Project 5.0 Mustang II- Improving the Suspension with Whiteline and KW


The brackets are bolted back in place on the chassis.

The billet aluminum collars are installed next to keep the bar from slipping from side to side, a nice touch.

Fortunately the long Whiteline end links are very stiff and strong.  The mounting points on the KW Clubsports are also beefed up and sturdy.

The Whiteline bar in place.  The fit is very good, like OEM.

The plastic undertray is reinstalled.

So far we have just gotten into the installation of most of the Whiteline parts on Project 5.0 liter Mustang.  It is pretty unusual to have a suspension kit with parts that so drastically changes the basic design of the car.  In order to keep the article to a reasonable length we will continue it in another segment where we will cover a few more Whiteline parts and show the KW Clubsports that go along with this kit.  We will also get to drive the car and we can hardly wait to give our radically revised setup a spin!

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KW Suspension

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