Project 5.0 Mustang (The White One) Building the 302 Coyote Engine!


The engine long block is now ready to put back in the car.

Howard installs the valve covers and the coil packs.

The Canton road racing pan has two quarts more capacity and improved baffling. It has a horizontal baffle and a few vertical baffles with one-way trap doors. This will help keep the oil around the pick up in hard cornering.

The stock pan just has a partial horizontal baffle to keep sloshing at bay.


Despite having a much greater capacity, the Canton pan does not hang down any lower than the stock pan.

To clear the corner of the Canton pan’s sump we had to slightly dimple the oil pump pickup tube. Howard used a socket extension and a hammer to do it.

Howard also installed the factory windage tray at this time.  The windage tray helps strip the windage cloud of oil that is flung around the crank and helps return it to the pan. This reduces oil temperature and even frees up some power.


  1. “The Coyote is interesting because it has a 90 degree V-angle, which is greater than your typical modern V-8. Ford chose to keep the 90 degree V for better NVH reasons, when most other manufacturers like Chevy run a tighter V-angle to build a more compact engine.”

    That is completely untrue. Do you know what a V-8 engine is?

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