Project 5.0 Mustang (The White One) Building the 302 Coyote Engine!


We wanted to add a Canton surge tank to our cooling system. The tank is from a later year Mustang, and we figured it would fit.

The tank is stronger and can take more pressure than the stock plastic tank. It also has more capacity than stock.

All of the hoses lined up perfectly, but since our Ford Motorsport intake is so wide compared to the stock intake tube, the mounting holes did not line up because the tank would run into the oversized oval tube.

Howard decided to make a bracket to offset the tank to clear the intake tube. He measures the center-to-center bolt spacing and how much offset the bracket will need in order to clear the tube.

Next, Howard cuts a piece of sheetmetal to the measured dimensions to make the brackets using floor shears.

Then, Howard marks where to put the holes in the bracket.


  1. “The Coyote is interesting because it has a 90 degree V-angle, which is greater than your typical modern V-8. Ford chose to keep the 90 degree V for better NVH reasons, when most other manufacturers like Chevy run a tighter V-angle to build a more compact engine.”

    That is completely untrue. Do you know what a V-8 engine is?

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