Project 5.0 Mustang (The White One) Building the 302 Coyote Engine!


As you can see, the dimple needed is very slight.

The pan is installed with a bead of silicone seal.

We also installed the blue Ford Motorsports coil covers. Now our engine looks like the Cobrajet/Aluminator engine that it is!


Next, we installed our ACT Sports/Performance clutch. For details about our clutch choice, check out our prior story in the series.

Next Howard installed our ACT Pro-Lite flywheel.  After he torqued down each bolt, he put a paint torque check mark on it to confirm the torque.

Howard used a flywheel holder to keep the flywheel from spinning when torquing down the clutch pressure plate.


  1. “The Coyote is interesting because it has a 90 degree V-angle, which is greater than your typical modern V-8. Ford chose to keep the 90 degree V for better NVH reasons, when most other manufacturers like Chevy run a tighter V-angle to build a more compact engine.”

    That is completely untrue. Do you know what a V-8 engine is?

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