Project 5.0 Mustang (The White One) Building the 302 Coyote Engine!


Howard drills the bolt holes and punches some bigger holes through the bracket.

Howard adds some riv nuts to the bracket. Now, a nut for the bracket isn’t needed- only a bolt. He also flanged the big holes with a dimple die. This helps make the bracket stiffer and looks cool!

With the bracket installed, the tank now clears the Form Motorsport air intake tube.

Our engine started with the first crank. It idled smoothly with a slight lope and quietly with no forged piston rattle. The JE FSR piston cam shape really works to keep the tough 2618 alloy from making noise.

With our engine installed and running, it is now time to tune our ECU for our new mods!

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JE Pistons

K1 Technologies

King Bearings

Canton Racing Products

ACT Clutches

Essex Parts

Ford Racing

CSF Radiators

Addiction Motorsports

SCT Performance

West End Alignment

Borla Exhaust

AEM Intakes

HRE Wheels

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Nitto Tires


KW Suspension


  1. “The Coyote is interesting because it has a 90 degree V-angle, which is greater than your typical modern V-8. Ford chose to keep the 90 degree V for better NVH reasons, when most other manufacturers like Chevy run a tighter V-angle to build a more compact engine.”

    That is completely untrue. Do you know what a V-8 engine is?

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