Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Keeping Limp Mode Away With More Cooling

The installation is very factory like and pretty much mimics the factory engine oil cooler on the other side of the car.

Here is the factory duct leading to the Cicio Performance engine oil cooler.

In our pursuit of balanced performance, we have lots of cooling capacity for our engine oil, our transmission fluid, our coolant and our intake charge air. Now our car should have more than enough heat dissipation capacity for our planned level of bolt on performance with plenty of cooling headspace for our eventual goal of 1000 hp. Stay tuned as we install more power parts in our next installment!


Greddy Performance Products

CSF Cooling

Cicio Performance


  1. Mike, any need to upgrade the PS cooling loop? Our Z33 overheats the stock PS cooler and system with puny 255 Continentals on track days. The plan over winter is to install a large truck trans cooler in its place.

    1. The GT-R has the biggest power steering cooler of any Nissan I have seen so far. We haven’t heard of people having issues. I haven’t heard of a Z33 overheating the power steering on the track, autocross yes but not on a road course.

  2. I really like that BOV design. I think it’s time to retire the Greddy Type S I’ve had on my car for the past 10 years.

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