Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Keeping Limp Mode Away With More Cooling

Now it was time to mount our Greddy intercooler. The intercooler mounts to existing factory bolt holes used to mount the stock intercoolers.  Here are the top mounts to the chassis.

The bottom mounts attached to the factory mounting points for the stock intercoolers as well.

The new Greddy hardpipes are mounted to the turbos compressor discharge then run to the intercooler.

Next it was time to mount the pipes from the intercooler to the throttle bodies.

These pipes mount the ECU’s intake air temperature sensors and the Greddy FV blowoff valves.  Just in case you didn’t know, a blow off valves primary function is to recirculate the compressed air from the turbo when the throttle is closed from in front of the throttle valve back to the compressor inlet. This eliminates the compressor surge that closing the throttle under boost can cause. The shock wave caused by back up in flow causes compressor wheel to surge which can damage the turbos thrust bearing and even the compressor wheel itself. When the blowoff valve opens and lets the pressurized air escape, it also keeps the turbo spinning faster so lag is reduced when the throttle is reopened.  The GT-R has small blow off valves from the factory but the Greddy units are much bigger, flow better, are more sensitive, and don’t leak with boost pressure.


  1. Mike, any need to upgrade the PS cooling loop? Our Z33 overheats the stock PS cooler and system with puny 255 Continentals on track days. The plan over winter is to install a large truck trans cooler in its place.

    1. The GT-R has the biggest power steering cooler of any Nissan I have seen so far. We haven’t heard of people having issues. I haven’t heard of a Z33 overheating the power steering on the track, autocross yes but not on a road course.

  2. I really like that BOV design. I think it’s time to retire the Greddy Type S I’ve had on my car for the past 10 years.

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