Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Keeping Limp Mode Away With More Cooling

This carbon duct takes air from the left side bumper vent. On a stock GT-R the right side vent feeds are to the engine oil cooler and the left side vent is just a dead end for cosmetics. You cut open the left side vent to match the opening on the right side making it functional and this duct takes the air to the new transmission cooler, just like a factory install!

The Greddy heat exchanger is a large 14 row tube and fin cooler.  It mounts in the front of the car on the left side.

The Greddy cooler kit comes with all of the fittings and brackets needed for a clean no fabrication or drilling install.

The stock windshield washer reservoir sits where the transmission cooler needs to be. Greddy supplies this smaller reservoir that makes room for the new cooler.

The Greddy kit comes with these prefabricated hard lines to make for a really OEM looking clean installation.  The hard lines go through the driveshaft tunnel.

These braided lines and AN fittings are for the plumbing from the cooler to the hardlines and from the thermostatic adaptor to the hardlines on the other end of the car.   All top quality components here!


  1. Mike, any need to upgrade the PS cooling loop? Our Z33 overheats the stock PS cooler and system with puny 255 Continentals on track days. The plan over winter is to install a large truck trans cooler in its place.

    1. The GT-R has the biggest power steering cooler of any Nissan I have seen so far. We haven’t heard of people having issues. I haven’t heard of a Z33 overheating the power steering on the track, autocross yes but not on a road course.

  2. I really like that BOV design. I think it’s time to retire the Greddy Type S I’ve had on my car for the past 10 years.

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