Project DC2 Integra- Getting More Grip With OS Giken and Better Response With Centerforce


To replace our lightweight steel flywheel with something even lighter, we once again chose Centerforce, replacing their steel flywheel we used in the last article with their superlight billet aluminum flywheel.

The Centerforce aluminum flywheel weighs in at a feathery 7.1 lbs versus the 13.8 lbs of our previous steel part. That is a big difference, and we should certainly be able to feel that when driving!


The Centerforce aluminum flywheel is SFI certified to assure safety. It is Computer designed then CNC-machined from an aluminum billet of aircraft aluminum. It is precision balanced from Centerforce so no additional balancing is needed.

To assure a long life, the Centerforce aluminum flywheel has a replaceable steel friction surface and a steel starter ring.

The starter ring is not just pressed on, but it is also mechanically retained so it will not slip- or worse yet, fly off at high RPM. You can see how the starter ring is held in and pinned in place by this steel fastener in this picture.


Well, it was time to dig in and swap out the stock differential in the palatial MotoIQ Megashop.

First, Howard drained all of the gear oil out of the transmission.


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