Project DC2 Integra: Truing up the Suspension with Whiteline


To get rid of some of the flex in the front end, we chose this triangulated 3-point brace by Password JDM.

We like this brace because it is solid all the way to the ends so it is stiff in bending. Braces with rod end bearings are stiff mostly in just tension and compression. The Password JDM brace is also flanged and gusseted at the tube junctures and mounting points to help improve stiffness.


As you might recall in our last article, we changed out the stock lower arm for this Type-R part, which has low compliance bushings in it.  However, we will show you how the Whiteline bushings fit in the stock lower arm.
This is the trailing arm bushing that gives other bushing makers fits. If you try to replace this with a solid bushing, it will bind up the rear suspension, making the wheel rate increase greatly. This results in unpredictable oversteer and makes the rear suspension unresponsive to tuning.

Howard presses the stock bushing out of the trailing arm using a gear puller and machined piece of aluminum from the puller set. This is using the puller in reverse.

Here is the puller minus the arms being used as a press.

Once the stock bushing has been removed, Howard deburrs the hole to prep it for the installation of the Whiteline bushing.


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