Project DC2 Integra: Truing up the Suspension with Whiteline


The Whiteline bushing is on the left, the stock bushing is on the right. The stock bushing has a lot of radial material removed to allow for a lot of free movement.

The Whiteline bushing is solid urethane with flanges to limit movement except in rotation. What is unique about these bushings is that the center steel sleeve is actually an eccentric, and by turning it, the chamber can be adjusted by as much as 1.5 degrees.


The Whiteline bushings simply push right in.

After greasing the center, the steel sleeves are pushed into place to finish the installation.

We just adjusted the camber to be set at 2.5 degrees negative.


Whiteline also has longer bolts and shims to replace the bolts holding the front and the rear parts of the lower control arm together.

By adding the longer bolts and shimming them, you can adjust the caster, as much as 1.5 degree in the positive direction.


After assembling the lower arms, we used the shims to adjust the caster to 4 degrees positive.


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