Project DC2 Integra: Truing up the Suspension with Whiteline


As you can see here, the Whiteline bushing on the left is solid with thick flanges that locate the arm positively. The stock bushing has cutouts all around the outer edges that allow for a lot of uncontrolled movement.

The rear suspension is now assembled in the reverse order as shown and is ready to go. We used Whiteline’s longer bolts for the upper control arm mounts to shim out the upper control arm to reduce our rear camber to about 1.7 degrees negative. Now, we can move to the front suspension.


Howard removes the front and rear parts of the front lower control arm.


The stock bushings are pressed out of the front part of the lower control arm and the Whiteline parts pressed in.
Next, the upper control arm is removed. The upper control arm pivots on these eye bushings that are like rod end bearings with rubber bushings in them instead of bearings.


Howard presses the rubber bushings out of the upper control arm pivots.


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