Project DC2 Integra: Truing up the Suspension with Whiteline


Howard finished assembling the front suspension.

Now, Howard removes the upper camber plate bolts so the Password JDM strut tower brace could be installed.

The brace bolts right up, but two holes need to be drilled to attach the brace to the firewall over the top of the seam from the firewall and the HVAC Plenum.

Here is where the brace attaches to the firewall.  A triangulated brace is much stiffer than a brace that just couples the shock towers together. The Password brace made a huge feelable difference in the chassis stiffness.

After we installed the Whiteline bushings, our suspension is now ready for some bigger wheels and tires. We would also like to upgrade the brakes, at which time we will be taking our car back to the track to see what our chassis mods do to lap times.

After aligning our car’s chassis and going out for a test drive, we noticed that our car had a slightly firmer ride and slightly more vibrations being transferred through into the cabin, but the car also had much sharper turn in and was generally much more responsive to steering input. Understeer was greatly reduced as well.

Since we started our build, our car indeed handles much better, and currently the suspension needs good tires to be exploited to show its stuff. That will be coming soon!

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