Project Defiant1: Introduction & Concepting


The suspension, brakes, lights, and body will all be receiving upgrades or make-overs as well. The front end will be a mix of S13 and S14 suspension parts, as these parts all fit on the S12. I have a pair of S14 tension rod brackets and S13 spindles and lower control arms to go on. I will be using S13 KYB AGX dampers to start, with modifications for adjustable spring perches. The rear will also get the KYB AGX dampers, but will not have springs on the dampers. The rear of the Mark 2 (86.5-88) S12 is designed just like the Z31, with a semi-trailing arm, independent setup. I will be using adjustable spring perches similar to those found on modified E30 BMW 3-series chassis. However, I will be getting mine from a stock car store, because, well, it’s inexpensive.

The rears will use an adjuster similar to this setup.While the fronts will use this style for now.
These are similar to the KYB AGX dampers I’ll be using.  Actually, the only difference is mine are a little cleaner.  Not by much.

Both front and rear hubs will be converted to 5 on 4.5″ lug spacing from the 4 on 4.5″ lug spacing. Front brakes will consist of Z32 Nissan 300ZX four piston calipers and rotors, while the rear will consist of Z31/S12 SE Rear rotors with dual Z32 twin piston calipers rear. One pair of rear calipers will be for the service brake while the second set will be for the hydraulic hand brake for drifting.

I’m looking at Powered by Max parts more and more lately…I like the look and the support they give drifters here in the US.

I have two sets of wheels waiting for Defiant1, one set are Pacer Rally Replica wheels measuring 15X8 with a -11mm offset. This is just off of the OEM offset of +35mm on the stock 6″ wheel with it having a 5″ backspace versus the 4″ backspace on the Pacer wheel. The other set are Cragar V5s measuring 16X8 with a 0 offset and this would give the Cragars’ a 4.5″ backspacing. I will stagger them, using the V5s upfront and the Rallies in the rear, as stock, the OEM rims sink in the rear instead of sitting near flush like the fronts do.

I know, I know, steel wheels weigh a ton!  You’re right, but they also take a beating and can be bent back into shape so long as you don’t hit something too hard.  Again, they are also inexpensive!

Currently, the Pacer Rims have Falken Ziex 502s on them with 195/50/15 measurements. They are stretched, but really don’t show it as well as other tires in that same size that I’ve seen. I will end up changing them to a 215/60 or a 225/60, as the Cragar wheels will see 225/50/16s. I may also change brands instead of the Falkens, not because the Falkens are bad, but just because I want to test the waters.

This is what is currently on the Pacer Rally Replica wheels, Falken Ziex 502s in P195/50/R15.  These will chage size, but brand, we’ll see.


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