Project Defiant1: Introduction & Concepting


The body will feature modifications to the wheel wells to fit the wheels, as they will poke out a little. The idea is to borrow some parts from a couple of chassis. Since both chassis are very similar in shape, I may use AE86 or even S13 panels and aero parts that can fit with minor work. I will use after-market widened fenders, front and rear bumpers, and side skirts modified to fit the S12 and even some adjustments so that they aren’t too similar looking. I’ll definitely be adjusting or removing body-lines that are in the kits, so I’ll have to brush up on my fiber-glassing skills.

When I started out fleshing the idea of a Rallycross S12, this is how it started out looking like.
This is the idea I have now, including the look of the body kit I’m looking to graft on.  Going with a military type theme using old-style camouflage patterns.

The way the car is lit up will also be modernized, as the S12 was looked at as a future piece just like the Z31 was. In the rear, I will be using more fiberglass and making tail light fixtures that will use LED lights that were intended for Large Trucks. The front lights will have the “sleepy-eyed” look, but instead of the H6054 Halogen square headlight that comes stock and not light up as well with the light half-down, I will be using a pair of 90mm or smaller Bi-Halogen Headlamp Modules. These allow for high and low beam use with just a single module on each side and are nearly half the size when compared to the H6054. However, this won’t be just for looks, as I have a Mark 1 (84-85) grille that stops at the headlights instead of going all the way across. This will allow me to create a space for brake cooling ducts, even around the still functioning headlights!

If I don’t go with these Hella 3.5 inch (90mm) headlight modules, I will go with these V-HIDs that measure only 2.5 Inches (63.5mm)!  I’m going to see if they are DOT/SAE legal lights, though, as they have to be for Virginia State Inspection.
Here is a concept of the rear lights. Again, LED Truck style lights that will be sitting behind fiberglass covers.  This is a cut-a-way of the cover, below is the uncut version.

Safety won’t be taking a backseat, either, as a full cage and fuel cell are in the plans, along with FIA certified Racer Duo steel seats from Sabelt. I’m also looking at using an electric power steering system to keep some drain off the engine, but I will have to make sure that it won’t strain my electronics systems, so a more powerful alternator will need to be sourced.

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