Project Defiant1: Introduction & Concepting


Well, that's it for now, and boy is it enough of a list to go through. This is a pretty ambitious project for me and I'll admit it as a lot of what will be put on this car will have to be fabricated instead of purchased and bolted on. You know, though, that's kind of the fun part as the thought of using my head to make something work has always inspired me to do something. I guess it's the same reason I like writing these articles, even before I started here at MotoIQ.

Gah, bodywork!  Man, I need to get to work!

Well, enough rambling, the official MotoIQ project start date is the first weekend of Setember The one month break between Vegas and the the final round of Formula Drift at Irwindale in October will give me time to make the car roadworthy again. No, it won't be done in time for Irwindale, would be fun if it were to be, though. Could this first version of Defiant1 be done for SEMA, we'll see, but I don't think so without some help, but that's not the goal. (However, if you would like to get involved and make this a SEMA bound project, contact me at!)

I'm confident that this will be a great car and project for MotoIQ and myself! Just wait and see!

The official, Version One complete date is November 26th, a week before 100 Drifters of December at Summit Point Raceway held by Drift Nirvana. That will be it's debut drift event and we'll see there how Defiant it will be!

See Y'all there!


Defiant1 – Engine Build Part 1

Defiant1 – Engine Build Part 2

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