Project E36 323is: Part 7 – Cleaning Up The Office with Driven Steering and


E36 steering wheel removedThis is what you’ll see after removing the steering wheel. Not a view you’ll ever want to have while the car is in motion.
MOMO steering hub installationFirst thing to do for installation of the new wheel is to slip the MOMO hub adapter into place…
MOMO slip ring installationAnd next up is making sure everything is secured into place, so that you never have a non-wheel view of the steering column again.
Driven Steering wheel installationThe last step is just a matter of lining up the steering wheel and mounting it with the supplied hardware.
Driven Steering wheel installedThere you have it… The nice, new Driven Steering wheel installed and ready to get some work done.
We got the Daikei horn button after the wheel installation was complete, but it didn't take much to install. It's as simple as unscrewing the steering wheel, plugging in the wires for the horn and then screwing it back together. Now we don't have to stare at an ugly blank hole. 
BMW E36 stock pedalsNext thing we wanted to do on our office rehab was to tackle the pedals.

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