Project E36 323is: Part 7 – Cleaning Up The Office with Driven Steering and


Drilling for BMW pedal installationHere you see Howard drilling the mounting holes based on his score marks. As you can see, we used the same method for the clutch pedal.
BMW pedals drilled for installationThis is what both pedals look like when drilled and ready for installation.
Securing new brake pedalIt’s now as easy as lining up the holes and using the supplied nuts and bolts to secure the new pedals.
E36 gas pedal installationThere’s no template needed for the gas pedal, as it uses self-tapping screws that you just screw right into the stock plastic pedal.
E36 pedals installedAnd there you have it… Our fresh, new aluminum pedals from installed. Pedal grip is noticeably increased with the new pedals, and the new positioning of the brake pedal helps with heel-toe action.
Project E36 323is new office steering wheel and pedalsThe entire office of Project E36 323is is looking fresh and feeling great, which helps with better input and sensitivity from hands and feet for greater car control.

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