Project E36 323is: Part 7 – Cleaning Up The Office with Driven Steering and


E36 pedals from BMWPedals.comWe got our pedals from, as they specialize in pedals for all models of BMWs. They are high-quality aluminum pieces made right here in the U.S.A. Their pedals are all model-specific for a guaranteed perfect fit. dead pedalWe started with the dead pedal, since it’s the easiest one to install, and it’s a standard peel-and-stick application process… peel and stickSo, we peeled—and we stuck.
BMW E36 pedal covers removedThe clutch and brake pedals were up next. These pedals require drilling, so we removed the stock rubber padding to gain access to the actual pedal surface. templateThe supplied template made it easy to find the best spot on the brake pedal for both clearance and easy heel-toe work. The instructions recommend that you use zip ties to secure the template to the pedal, and then drill the necessary holes.
Scoring for BMW pedal installationWe decided to use an alternate method of scoring the pedal, however, and then drilling the holes. If you don’t have a sharp-edged tool to score the pedal, we recommend following the manufacturers directions of using zip ties to secure the template in place.

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