Project E46 M3, Part 19: Powerflex Bushings and Maintenance


Every time the wheels are off it’s an opportunity to thoroughly clean up our Wilwood brakes.

The RTABs are the front bushings at the front of the rear trailing arms—that L-shaped piece there.

Take an 18-mm socket wrench and remove the three bolts holding the bushing housing in.

Bring it down as far as you can to gain access to the bolt holding the bushing in the housing.

With the bolt out, the bushing was now able to be free of the housing. That sucker is really torn up! It’s no wonder the car felt so unsafe during high speed cornering, especially mid-turn when you’re trying to maximize the G-load to the front tires so you can get pointed where you want to and immediately get right back on the gas. It was all over the place, feeling like something was loose or practically broken. It was like driving a car with a mild, yet unpredictable rear steering!

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