Project E46 M3, Part 19: Powerflex Bushings and Maintenance


Here’s another look at the original bushing fully removed. One can opt to purchase factory bushings again, by why when you’ve got polyurethane units from Powerflex that will give you a tighter feel and much crisper response without really any drawbacks.

To install the new Powerflex units, you’ll want to lubricate them a bit with the supplied lubricant. This will eliminate any unwanted noise.

Slip one half of the Powerflex bushings in.

The other half will go in with the supplied shaft. However, don’t be surprised if the bushing doesn’t want to stay in there. It’s a really tight fit, and that’s why we’ll need the Bavarian Autosport tool again.

What we did was mount up the tool again in order to start press the new bushing in.

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