Project E46 M3, Part 19: Powerflex Bushings and Maintenance


Our bushing kept popping out so we took a razor knife to the very edges and shaved off just a bit of the urethane edge that first meets with the trailing arm. This made it much easier. We ended up tightening both sides, and then we were done. After this step, simply trace back what you did by reinstalling the RTAB back on its housing, and then back onto the car, and you should be good to go!

With the new Powerflex RTABs in there, the confidence in the car is back. You can throw the car into a turn under hard hard trailbraking and not worry about that back end stepping out. Also, the worry of driving over an uneven payment is a thing of the past. That new, tight feel is back!


When we finished our oil change using the Lubro Moly 10w-60 oil (as recommended by BMW for normally-aspirated M3s and M5s), we went ahead and included a bottle of Ceratec, which should help further eliminate friction and lengthen piston side skirt life thanks to its ceramic protection. We have been adding it to roughly every other oil change in this car. (anyone ever see the original “Clash of the Titans” with Harry Hamlin? That part where Medusa had her head chopped off and that liquid lava-lookin' stuff came pouring out of her neck…no? Nevermind.).

When doing routine maintenance, check the plugs if they’ve got some miles on them. We had just changed ours before its recent dyno testing at Modified by KC (don’t worry, these aren’t Project M3’s plugs).  But these came off of a friend’s Mazda that needed help. They’re the worst I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t believe the car ever even made it to the house.

Here's a peek at what Project E46 M3's restyled home will be looking like. She's got a TV and plenty of room. We think she'll be very comfy!

When not wrenching on cars when can enjoy the TV (behind the right post) or look at a bunch of model cars we'll never be able to afford.





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